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Why buy a recycled Stove?

Based in Wellington New Zealand Stoves4U are dedicated to reducing the impact our life has on the environment. 

‌We recycle, repair, up-cycle and recirculate the stoves back into homes.  

‌By buying one of our recycled Stoves you are ensuring the hazardous contaminants such as the copper, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, flame retardants, lead and plastics are kept from landfills or other locations where they could impact the local environment. 

‌Reuse ensures that no further carbon is emitted into our atmosphere to manufacture and transport whiteware which can lengthen the life of our landfills. There are few items in a stove that cannot be repaired or replaced. Reuse, refurbishment and right-to-repair is strong in our business model. 

‌Recycling creates a closed loop in the economy, gives these stoves a new lease on life and promotes local employment. All this and you’ll have a company that backs up the sale with a carefully inspected and repaired stove so you’ll have our 180 day / 6 month warranty.

‌What is "Right to Repair"

‌Owners of appliances are getting frustrated over their appliances that aren’t made to last and when they break they are not repairable!

‌ We are supportive of enforcement for requirements for designers of appliances:
‌         - The appliance should be constructed to allow repairs to be made,
‌         - Owners or repair providers should be able to access original spare parts and tools,
‌          - Repairs should not be stopped by software, 
‌          - The Manufacturer must say at sale that the appliance is repairable.

Manufacturers can have sell appliances cheaply by reducing product quality and making products hard to repair. As a result our landfills are filling up and with shipping and transportation costs our climate is heating up. 

‌Every day we are replacing broken items that should be able to last much longer. Recycling the metals alone isn't enough, buy refurbished appliances that the carbon and transport has generally been accounted for.

‌Even now with increased inflation and Labour costs it can be less expensive for a Homeowner or Landlord to replace a stove with one of our refurbished stoves rather than get it repaired on site.

‌You can be assured that Stoves4U will either ethically recycle or repair and recirculate the ovens into the home market again. 

We Prepare Stoves to Order

‌Listed in the store is examples of stoves that we typically sell and have sold in the past. Usually we have a same model stove available or we can prepare one that meets your needs. All our stoves are meticulously prepared to a high standard and under go a 30 point checklist and are tested,  repaired and installed by qualified electricians. 
‌The cost per stove includes installation and delivery to existing compliant wiring to Wellington, Porirua and Lower Hutt regions. Extra costs will be added for parts and labour if the wiring needs to be replaced. Installations to Upper Hutt, Ohariu Valley, Makara is additional and places with difficult access e.g. numerous and /or undulating stairs etc incur a charge of $40. We do not service the Kapiti region. The cost also includes, 6 months parts and repair warranty, removal of the existing stove and our stoves are issued with an electrical certificate. Our prices are inclusive of GST.

‌To order a stove please either phone us on 0277868848 or send us an email specifying what type of stove you are interested in ordering including the model or make in the listing. We will need to know if you would like a coil or ceramic/glass hob, fan operated and the width of the stove. Fisher and Paykel stoves are 1cm wider than Westinghouse, Simpson or modern stoves. Fan operated/multifunction or ceramic or glass stoves are more expensive than standard convection stoves with grill bake ovens. 

‌Hob elements: Most landlords prefer purchasing coil hob elements for their rental properties as faulty elements are easier to repair. Cracked or chipped glass/ ceramic top stoves are expensive to repair as a replacement glass only is approximately $300 + plus GST.  The labour costs to replace a glass top can also be expensive and would require up to 3 hours labour. 

Width of stove:  Fisher and Paykel, Elba and Haier stoves are 61.5cm and are wider than Westinghouse, Simpson and other modern standard models that are 60cm wide;

‌Oven features:  2 function ovens that are grill and bake only are typically cheaper than ovens with fan functions or other functions such as defrost. With more functions there is more components that could need repairing.

‌Power points: Stoves with power points are useful for kitchens that have limited power points.

‌Gas ovens: PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT OFFER A SERVICE REPAIRING GAS STOVES. WE ONLY SERVICE STOVES WE SELL. Most gas ovens are either 60cm wide or 90cm wide. We typically only sell Smeg or Ilve gas stoves as these are quality built stoves and parts are readily available.  Smeg stoves in particular have technicians that repair these throughout NZ. We only sell dual fuel gas stoves (electric oven and gas hobs) and that have thermocouples (safety cut off values that automatically shut off the gas supply if the temperature (flame) isn't operating or fails.  If you are replacing a gas stove with an electric stove a 32amp plug and socket would need to be installed if the existing gas stove is connected to a 15amp socket. The cost of installing 32amp wiring is dependent on the distance from the fuse box and the site of the stove and the access to run cabling. Costs vary from approximately $1200 - $1500 for parts and labour. Stoves4U only do installations of electric stoves to existing wiring however we deliver the stoves within the Wellington region. We outsource the installations of gas stoves. 

‌Purchasing a quality refurbished stove versus a new low cost stove:  There are allot of low cost stoves available on the market to purchase. Be mindful when purchasing these stoves as the quality of the metals is poor and they are susceptible to rust and often sourcing parts is problematic and/or are not available and/or the stove is too expensive to be repaired. We are scrapping stoves that are beyond repair that are only 1-3 years old because the stove has deteriorated in most cases the hob elements have rusted out. 

How to Order a Stove: 

To order a stove please email the following information:

‌- Specify what stove you would like and preferably the model and make;
‌‌- Address the stove will be installed into;
‌- Whom you would like the invoice addressed to. Many of our customers require the invoice to be made out to a Trust;
‌- The name and contact details of the purchaser;
‌- The name and contact details of the person who will be meeting us at installation. 

‌We are more than happy to discuss and answer any queries. Please phone Ariana on 0277868848.  You are welcome to view our stock by appointment. Our workshop is at 7 Bute Street, Te Aro. Bute Street can be accessed off the one way Vivian Street next to the Z Petrol station. 

‌Thank you for visting our website.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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